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Old 10-01-2007
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couple questions on plugs/wires/shocks

Bought my truck new in '01

I currently have 58k mi on it.

I couldn't find how often you should change these but
Is it about time to change the spark plugs, and wires?
If so what brands are good?

Also i still have my stock shocks on, and im looking at new ones since i think 58k are pushing the stock ones way past there limit.
I just use it for street driving, not much in the offroad use.
What would be the best route without spending a ton of money on new shocks?

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Old 10-11-2007
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My friend the search button will become your best friend in these forums. It can provide you with just about any answer you seek.

Ford says the plugs and wires are good for 100,000 Miles but most of us change them before that. I replaced my plugs and wires at 75k and they where still in good shape. As far as replacements go you can't beat the factory Motorcraft wires and and double platinum plugs. They can be had from the dealer or advanced autoparts

If your just pouding pavement pickup a set of Monroe Sensa-Trac's or Reflex shocks. If you want something alittle better try Bilsteins.

Good Luck
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Old 10-11-2007
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I think this posts should be a sticky. I've been here for a long time and haven't come across a regular maintenance thread like it before. I've see a ton of people saying that they changed stuff but not offering the general allotted time for changing.

That's not to say it's not there, but this should really be a sticky!

i have an 02 with roughly the same miles ( 56,000) and all stock plugs, wires, O2 sensors, shocks, ball joints, and anything else that should be changed. I too would like to know when they should be changed or when the best time to change more than one item would be.
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Old 10-11-2007
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all i know is, my '01 has 61,300 miles on it, the original plugs, wires, etc... and it still drives like the day i bought it brand new. (actually better, i think) so, until it starts to drive like crap, i'm leaving it alone.
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Old 10-11-2007
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I picked up my ranger 3.0 a couple months ago. It has 100k on it and I just changed the plugs wires over the weekend. They were gapped between 80-100, when the gap is supposed to be between 42-46, I'm not positive that they were stock, but pretty damned sure. Needless to say, changing them was way over due!!! You are pushing 60k, change them, won't cost you much, might take you 30 minutes. I like to change plugs atleast every 30k.
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Old 10-12-2007
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I replaced my plugs and wires (and DPFE, but that's another story) this past summer, and I'm about 94k miles. FWIW, my wires all ohmed out good, but I had torn a boot at the elbow, so I threw a new set of wires on.

My plugs were original, though I had cleaned and gapped them previously. Funny to see the "two different part number" plugs. I put Autolite PP's in there. I kept the old plugs for a sanity check a few years from now, when I hit them again. They all had uniform wear and color (light tan). I saw no need to tag each old plug's cylinder position, since they all looked the same. I could have cleaned and gapped them and re-used them, they were so "OK", and the truck still ran fine.

Anyway, at your mileage, I suggest you clean and gap the plugs (one at a time, so they remain in their original position). You'll probably find the gap is too wide.

Your wires should be fine, otherwise you'd be getting misfires.

Be sure you apply the spark plug grease to the boot. I also found it easier to do the DS from the wheelwell, with the tire off. Did it that way AFTER I tore the boot, lol.
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Old 10-12-2007
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Plugs at 50K, go past 60 and the gap starts widening. You could regap them at 50 and change them at 100k if there is budget issues. This is with double plats. If you use copper core you probably need to regap every 20K.

If you do the 50k plug sequence, changing wires every other plug change would probably suffice.

I do both at the same time. Its a murphy's law thing. If I have just plugs I will inevitably ruin one plug wire getting it off. If I have new plug wires ready to go, the old ones will come off cleanly. Never fails. lol.
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Old 10-15-2007
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Thanks for the reply's.

Last weekend i replaced my shocks. Since it is a pavement pounder i picked up a set of Sensa Trac shocks. I'm pleased with them.
My old shocks were way past rusted...when i took them off i had rust falling out from inside the tube...figured that wasn't good, so im glad i replaced them when I did.

I held off on the spark plug/wires right now since i dont seem to have many issues with misfiring or anything of the sort. Maybe this weekend i'll take them out and clean/gap them.
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