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Alternative starter?

Old 11-05-2017
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Alternative starter?

Can the ignition wiring be changed to use the cigarette lighter as a push button starter?
Old 11-06-2017
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Welcome to the forum

Starter activation is just a temporary contact closure, you could hijack the wiring at ignition switch(under steering column)
And run it to a push button in lighter opening
Circuit is already fused and is low amps in any case
You would also retain the No Crank if in gear or clutch pedal was not down all the way

Basically just 2 wires and a push button
Key would still have to be on to start

If you wanted it to still look like a lighter then you would need to do some customizing of that device, but certainly doable
Old 11-06-2017
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I have to manually hold the lighter pushed in to allow it to heat up. Could those wires be connected to the lighter receptive and push in the lighter to turn over the engine. It would make a inconspicuous antitheft feature I think. Thanks for your help on the matter.
Old 11-07-2017
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Well you could but it could no longer be used for a lighter.

Lighter has 12v power all the time, you could change that so it only has power with key on

The way all power works is with electrons flowing thru the circuit, stop the flow and power is off
When you press in the lighter it makes a circuit to ground, electrons flow from 12+ to Ground thru the lighters coil, coil heats up and its metal expands, when it expands enough lighter pops up disconnecting the circuit.


Lighter is the ON/OFF switch in this circuit

If you were to install a 12volt relay like this


Then when lighter was pushed in electrons would flow thru Relay(and lighter) and relay would close
Relay would connect any 2 wires you want, like starter activation

But you would have to PULL UP the lighter, break the circuit, to open the relay to stop starter motor after engine was running
And if someone pushed in lighter while engine was running..........starter motor and/or flywheel(ring gear) damage could occur

So yes it is doable and 12v relays are cheap

I have always preferred timer anti-theft devices for vehicles assuming you are not using alarm type with horn and lights which are also effective, and better in that casual theft or vandalism is less likely.

If a thief has already broken into a vehicle enough to try and start it then if it won't start he can trash vehicle pretty bad being pissed off it won't start, lol

If you use a timer on Fuel Pump wire then if thief does start engine he can drive it away, which is good.
He gets out on the road and timer turns off fuel pump
Vehicle stops and won't restart, he is now in Public view stuck in the middle of the street or ??, and he WILL NOT hang around trying to find out whats wrong, lol.

Google: SA-025Q relay

Thats one I have used for this and other projects, very versatile
Timer can be set for 1 to 60minutes
You would use it on the Ground wire for fuel pump relay, not fuel pumps 12v wire, too many amps there
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