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How-To: Disabling ABS While Offroading

***Disclaimer :
Neither we nor accept any responsibility for actions taken during or resulting from attempting this modification. Bear in mind that you perform this modification solely at your own risk. ***

Modification: Disabling ABS while offroading

How-To author: n3elz

Original thread:

Let the modding Begin!!


Turns out to be very simple.

BUT FIRST: Disabling ABS can be dangerous, especially on the road. The ABS system was added for a reason and it's generally a good one. If you choose to do this, do so at your own risk and don't forget to put it back as it was! Neither I nor this forum take any responsibility for what happens if you do this. I'm not telling you to do it! I'm telling you HOW to do it and it's up to YOU to try it or not.

All you do is pull fuse 14 in the interior fuse panel (in the cab, not the engine compartment). This is for 2001/2002 for sure, and MAYBE other years. Look to see if F2.14 is labeled in your owners manual as an ABS fuse and is 10 amps. Then you can pull it and verify that your ABS has stopped working by stopping somewhere you know it would normally be felt. When you pull it, your ABS light should go on and stay on.

I've tested it and for sure it no longer works when that fuse is pulled. That fuse feeds the signal to the ABS controller that says the key is on. The ABS controller is "quiescent" until that line is activated. The ABS light comes on and stays on when you pull this fuse and start the vehicle.

When you replace the fuse, even with the truck already on, the ABS resumes operation.

Later, I will post a simple circuit using a typical automotive relay and a momentary pushbutton that will turn ABS off until you restart the vehicle. It's so simple, but I need to draw it and scan it. I'll do that sometime over the weekend. The way it works, when you push the button, ABS disables. Turning off the key, and then restarting turns ABS back on. So it works like the overdrive button on automatics. You can turn it off, but when you restart, it always begins in the overdrive enabled mode.

For those who are adept at following instructions, here how it works, without a diagram.

1. Get a standard single pole double throw 12 volt relay. These have terminals labeled 30, 85, 86, 87, and 87A. It must be a SPDT relay and have the 87A terminal for this to work.

2. Obtain some kind of momentary push button. This is the kind of button that when you press it, a contact is made, but when you release it, the contact opens.

3. You'll need some wire (16 or 18 gauge should be fine), and you'll need to get to the back of the fuse panel in the cab. Sometimes there's enough slack in the wiring harness to just pull it out after removing the screws, but other times you must take off the front of the dash.

4. One of the wires from F2.14 is a LB/PK wire (light blue, pink stripe). Cut this wire far enough from the fuse that you will be able to splice into the ends.

5. Connect the LB/PK wire that goes into the wiring harness to terminal 87A of the relay (extend it as necessary to where you mount the relay).

6. Connect the LB/PK wire from the fuse to both terminal 30 of the relay, as well as one of the terminals on the push button switch.

7. Connect terminal 86 of the relay to ground.

8. Connect terminal 85 of the relay to terminal 87 of the relay, as well as the OTHER terminal on the push button switch.

That's it.

When you briefly push the button, the relay will latch and hold until the truck is turned off.

Of course, if you don't want the failsafe feature of this system, you can simply put a switch in line between the cut ends of the wires. Or even more simply, just pull the fuse when you don't want ABS. Your choice but be careful!
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