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Old 12-27-2005
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Originally Posted by 93rangerxlt4.02007
also my uncle is a cop and he is gona get me some illegal jamers for me so im set
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Old 12-27-2005
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Originally Posted by FireRanger
Doubtful +1
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Old 12-27-2005
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I have had less use for the radar jammer lately, as I've realized just how much gas I save with every 5mph I cut off my speed.
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Old 01-05-2006
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i dont have a detector or jammer yet but from what i hear at the below sites is that u should NEVER buy from Rocky Mountain Radar. i hear its a joke and none of it works. check out the above site and see the vids and stuff on the resaerch they do on what ones work best. the V1 and the Escourt seem to be the best two...expensive but work better than others. and if anyone has a true working Jammer let them know they did have at one time a reward out for one lol. anyway check into these sites...
Radar Busters
Radar Detector Forum
Guys Of Lidar
Radar Vids

hope this helps. i know i was just gonna get a cheap one till i found out how crappy they are. think ill get a V1.
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Old 01-16-2006
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Originally Posted by blckout
easy free solution....

dont speed
i saw this and almost started to laugh. i have been pulled over soooooooo many times but never for speeding. the cops always seemed to make up the most bull**** reasons to pull me over. 2 examples: i matched the description of an armed robbery suspect, had all the proper information to show him (license/registration...) then he proceded to search my car (now because he claimed he smelt pot). by the way the cop who is doing this was my elementry school gym teacher so he knew good and well to begin with that i was no robber. second time i got a nose bleed while driving, put a tissue in my nose, cop rides by thinks i'm snorting coke and pulles me over.

sorry to rant, but i guess in my case a radar detector wouldn't have really helped me. although just because your not speeding doesn;t mean they can;t pull you over for a million other things if they want to. i still want to get a radar dececter though so i know when to grip the wheel w/ both hands, only look straight ahead, wear my seat belt, not stop my nose bleed, and prepare to be pulled over.

while i'm on the topic don't u feel like too many good drivers get tickets, and not enough bad ones do. i mean just because your going 15 mph over the speed limit doesn't meen your out of control or a bad driver. the people who are tail gaiting, passing on the right (in NJ), driving slow in the fast lane (in NJ), and weavin through traffic should get tickets. this whole post is nothing but my opinion, but cops totally focus on the wrong things.
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Old 01-16-2006
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I second that above. Been pulled over before (in the early A.M.) because a "tail light was out". Asked what I was doing out, flashed the flashlight around the interior a couple times, and gave me a warning.

Got home and checked - not a damn thing wrong with anything.

Bottom line - they can pull you over for anything. If I would've got out of the car to look (which he probably would've told me to stay in the car) and found it working, he'd have probably shrugged his shoulders and said "hmm, maybe the bulb's loose."

If you drive a cop magnet, it doesn't help either.
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Old 03-09-2006
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jsut found this... proof that they dont work....

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