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Old 01-27-2017
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Budget Performance Gains

I just put 31x10.5/15 BFG AT on my 96 2wd Ex Cab Ranger. 2.3L 5 spd. 7.5" with 3.73 gears. I want to keep the ability to pull my trailer so I have an 8.8" with 4.10 LS and disc brakes going in. I was reading on a site about some cheap tweaks to get a little more power in the mid range where it is needed for pulling. It calls for going to just a straight through muffler and new O2 sensor and keep the stock pipe from there back to keep the torque. Replace the old cat with a straight pipe. Use #19 injectors and open the MAF up to 7/16 (detailed instructions on this in the article) Disable the EGR and clean up the IAC. Put in a good hi flow air filter as well. It also mentioned changing the fuel pressure regulator to one from a 98-2001 2.5L and that will raise the pressure from #40 to #60 and make the 14 injectors act like they are 19's. I am going to give it a try and see if there is really any power to be found or it is just a waste of time.
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Old 01-27-2017
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Waste of time..............

Stock headers on Rangers are scavenging exhausts, tuned for mid-range power

Stock Mufflers and Cats do not restrict exhaust flow so.............
Stock Air filter is 200% so can get 50% dirty before performance would be effected

If O2 sensor has more than 125k miles then yes replace it

Size of injectors or fuel pressure can't help stock performance, this isn't a carb system, lol.
Computer runs the air/fuel mix..............
If you use larger injectors computer just opens them for less time.
If you have higher fuel pressure computer just opens them for less time.
You won't change performance at all but would get Rich Codes by confusing computer

EGR system allows for a more aggressive spark timing, it cools cylinders under load to prevent pinging/knocking.
Pinging and knocking reduces power(also destroys pistons), if you run 93 octane(premium) then disabling EGR system might get a bit more power, but truly not worth it since gain would be minimal vs cost of gasoline.

You can install a vacuum gauge in the cab, then run truck up to 65MPH and floor it, you should see a drop to 0 vacuum then it should stabilize at 1 to 1.5" of vacuum, higher means you may have a restricted air intake system, but if it is under 2" you have best air flow, no restrictions.
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Old 01-30-2017
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Site I was checking out

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Old 01-30-2017
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Yup, pretty much says the same thing

Bit of a goof on his interpretation of wide open throttle and fuel flow but most of the stuff is fine to do
If you are at wide open throttle under load and engine starts to ping/knock then yes you are running out of fuel, so weak fuel pump.
If you simply don't have more power as you did at less than wide open throttle then mix is too rich and/or there is less air/fuel mix going into the cylinder so less power, which can happen at 0 vacuum in intake, so too much air flow.
If intake has a vacuum then a cylinder created that vacuum, so more air/fuel mix is pulled into that cylinder, so more power when it burns.
So if he was at 0 vacuum going up the hill, with no pinging/knocking, and backed off the throttle a bit and got more power then he increased the vacuum slightly so engine got more fuel in the cylinders and so got more power.

If you install a vacuum gauge in the cab you can test that out, fine tune your system.

A 2.3LITER engine can only use 2.3LITERS of air every 2 RPMs at wide open throttle.
You can look up how much a Liter of air weighs at sea level
14.7:1 is the gasoline air:fuel ratio, which is a weight ratio

Then you can look up how much gasoline weighs
And look up how much gasoline your stock injectors can supply at 30psi pressure
14.7 grams of air need 1 gram of gasoline added(1/4 gram per injector, you have 4 injectors)

You should find stock injectors are can deliver about 120% of the gasoline needed when engine is at wide open throttle, so 20% more than needed by stock engine

They pay the engineers good money to do the math on these things, lol

Now if you stroke an engine or super/turbo charge it then you are changing the 2.3LITER to a higher number, and then you may want to recalculate injector size
Just a bigger cam wouldn't need bigger injectors.

And just an FYI, the dual spark plug "coil pack mod" for the 2.3l/2.5l is also not really a upgrade, but won't hurt anything.
Ford Waste Spark System runs 2 spark plugs on 1 coil
Each coil pack has 2 coils inside
Cylinders 1 and 4 are both at TDC at the same time
Cylinders 2 and 3 are both at TDC at the same time, 180deg opposite of 1 and 4

So 1 and 4 are on the same coil and 1 and 4 both spark on each TDC, power and exhaust strokes
There is no alternating
Both spark plugs in each cylinder spark at the same time, TDC

Now where some confusing comes from is startup, only the exhaust side spark plugs/coil pack are used when cranking engine to start it
This is done to get maximum spark during low voltage.
When starter motor is turning the system voltage/battery voltage drops to 9.5-10volts, and engine is often cold, so you need best spark you can get.
So only exhaust side coil is used
When engine starts, RPMs above 400, the intake side coil starts spark.

Now this leads to people wasting alot of time, and money, when testing for spark on these engines, they hook up spark tester to intake side spark plug and crank engine..............
Yup, no spark

So just a heads up

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Old 01-30-2017
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Could bigger than factory tire size rob performance?

Did you get your Speedo reprogrammed for bigger tires?
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