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Old 05-25-2016
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Icon4 Engine swap. Last few wires! HELP!!

Hello everyone! I am a Marine Vet getting back on my feet after medical issues. I have no ride anymore so my dad gave me his baby to fix and use. Its a bone stock 93 single cab 2.3 4cy 5 peed 4x2 and he warped the valves with a broke timing belt but now has a 2.3 and 5 speed from a 97 extended cab 4x2. I dont have the original motor anymore but both harnesses and pretty good with wiring so have matched up almost all wiring and swapped connectors to match newer engine with old harness but now just the last few have me lost. I have a long white/red wire at the rear of drivers side motor harness. Oil sensor is already plugged in under the head. Thinking it may be the one on the bottom of the older motor but not on the newer one. When i go to turn the motor over by key, the low oil light lights up. How can i bypass that or can i? Last wires are the most important ones. Crank and cam sensors! Older original motor has a 4 wire crank sensor and no cam sensor but new motor has two wire cam and two wire crank sensors. Can i wire them to match or am i in trouble? Have wiring diagrams for both motors and that is where i am getting my info from. Also have a connector on drivers finder well with a green/yellow and black wire. Any ideas? thank you soooooo much for any help!! I desperately need this truck ASAP.

Wires from cam sensor are grey/red, purple/orange
wires from crank sensor are blue, grey
wires from motor harness are red/light green, orange/red, grey,blue all 4 in circular plug mid ways on harness on driver side under intake.
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Welcome to the forum

You are in trouble, lol.

1993 Ranger use EEC-IV computer 60 pins/wires
1995 and up used EEC-V computer 104 pins/wires

Yes the low oil light would be from oil pan sensor that the new motor doesn't have, it was on the side of the oil pan.
Just Ground that wire and low oil light will be off

1993 may or may not have had a CAM sensor, if not then it can be left unhooked, but even if it did engine will run fine without Cam sensor.

Crank sensor(CKP) on the other hand is the most important sensor on the engine, engine simply will not start without it.

Problem is that the 1993 computer needs a ICM(ignition control module) for spark, 1995 and up computer had internal ICM.
CKP hooks up to ICM in 1993
CKP sensor in 1993 is a Hall-Effect(HE) type sensor
It reads a wheel on the crank with a gap for #1 Top dead center(TDC).

In 1995 2.3l got a Variable Reluctance(VR) CKP sensor, which reads a tone wheel on the crank, this wheel has 35 teeth and a gap for TDC

HE and VR are different type of signals, there is no "wiring change" or even a circuit that can change these types of signals.
That that will be the big problem.

If you had the old engine then you should be able to pull off the crank pulley and timing belt cover then remove the CKP sensor and wheel and move it to the '97, but not sure the '97 lower engine cover has the bolt holes for the Hall effect type sensor.
May have to drill and tap holes for the sensor but it needs to be exact so without old cover it will be pretty tough.

May need to find an old, 1989-1994, 2.3l and rob some parts

In '97 the CKP sensor fits in a hole in the lower engine cover, but because there is no Hall Effect type CKP that will also work on the '97 it won't help.
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Old 05-26-2016
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Thank you soo much for the detailed reply! Was searching for a new Crankshaft sensor when i got your reply. Put it all together and wired them just to see and sure enough, no fire. Didnt know about the gear difference though. Going to tear it apart tomorrow and start looking for a donor 2.3 :/
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