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Old 06-03-2016
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No spark

Got a no spark problem with my 93'. Changed the ignition coil pack and still no spark. Any suggestions? (Yes, it's turning over)
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Old 06-03-2016
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Tons of things could be wrong.

Did anything happen right before the spark gave out, were you driving it or did you just go out and crank it over one day and it didn't start, did it make a noise or just silently went?

Need clues. Or the vehicle in front of someone with a volt- ohm meter.

Do you have a volt meter? Welcome to the forum BTW!
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Old 06-03-2016
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Went out to start it one day and never did. I immediately checked fuel pressure and spark (fuel pump has been replaced which fixed that problem). Unfortunately, there want any spark so I thought to replace the ignition coil pack since its a 93'.
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Old 06-03-2016
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So just to be sure, if you add fuel manually to the intake the engine will not fire and then die, right?

i.e. spray Quick Start(ether in a spray can) into the intake and crank the engine it does not fire at all

First stop would be the ignition system getting power.
Coil pack has 4 wires, red one should have 12volts(battery voltage) when Key is on.
That power comes from the EEC fuse in engine fuse box, 30 amp fuse

Next would be the CKP(crank position) sensor
On a 4.0l it is located by the crank pulley, front of the engine about 10:00-11:00
If you look down at it you will see the Tone Wheel, looks like a gear behind the pulley.
It has 35 teeth and 1 gap, missing tooth
The CKP sensor sends a pulse to the EDIS module(spark module) each time a tooth passes by it, the missing tooth, tells EDIS module when #1 is at Top Dead Center(TDC), so it can time spark and firing order.

EDIS module sends that CKP pulse to the computer so it can time fuel injectors.
So no CKP pulse = no start

You can test a CKP sensor using a Volt Meter set to AC volts, when starter motor is turning the crank the CKP sensor should generate about 1 volt AC
But also inspect the tone ring, if a tooth breaks off then there would be 2 gaps and EDIS module would not know which was TDC so would not start spark.

Thats pretty much it for spark

CKP=========EDIS Module===========Coil pack-------spark plug

EDIS module does not need the computer to start spark, just power and CKP pulse

EDIS modules rarely fail, never even read about one that failed, wiring of course could be bad.
EDIS module is usually located on the Rad support, on my '94 it is on the front side of rad support, have to look up under the bumper to see it.

Google: EDIS-6 images
To see what that module looks like

Go here:
Scroll down to post #27
Click on the first picture to enlarge it
That's the whole Ford spark system, EDIS-6, Coil pack, CKP sensor and tone wheel

And just as a heads up because I goof up the drivers side spark plugs wires all the time
Coil pack
3 4
2 6
1 5

5-6-4 side gets me every time

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Old 06-03-2016
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Much appreciated! I'll get to checking everything I haven't done yet.
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